New Dutch Wave & CreativeNL invite you to ‘The Counterwave’: a full evening programme aiming to recapture the experience, learnings, and magic of SXSW’23. This is an opportunity to meet new people, gather new ideas and learn about what happened at the biggest creative get-together in the world. Get updated on the next trends and technologies and hear what the New Dutch Wave delegates took away from the event.

Timeline programme
20:00 | Aftermovie 1
20:00-20:10 | Welcome by founders of New Dutch Wave

Founders: Danny Frietman & Arne Koefoed.

20:10 | Aftermovie 2
20:10-20:25 | SXSW experienced by our governement – moderated by Danny Frietman

In conversation with: Vera Kuipers – Creative NL, Marloes Pomp – ICT topsector and Reanne Leuning.

20:25 | Aftermovie 3
20:25-20:50 | Future of realities by Dutch Digital Design – moderated by Monique van Dusseldorp

In conversation with: Suzanne Visser van Dutch Digital Design, Cees Dingler – Capitola and Flin Nortier – Soda Studio.

20:50 | Interactive session

Monique van Dusseldorp questions creative people in the room about their SXSW experiences.

21:05 | SXSW experiences from diverse perspectives

In conversation with:

  • Education: Peggy van Schijndel – InHolland
  • Events: Maarten Schram – IDEA
  • Startups: Roger Olivieira –
  • Aziz Yagoub – Revolt
21:25 | Looking at our creative future at SXSW

With Danny Frietman & Linda Holleman from New Dutch Wave.

About the speakers

Danny Frietman is an advisor, moderator, entrepreneur and key driver of new initiatives in the enterprise digital market. Co-founder of New Dutch Wave during SXSW and organized Dutch pavilions during Mobile World Congress and Smart City Expo. Currently the community leader Almere Tech/Green Innovation HUB. Also co-founder of GovTechNL, Innovation Bridge Europe and has multiple advisory roles.

Arne Koefoed is founder and Head of Ideas at WINK and at New Dutch Wave, Dealer of goosebumps, hippie, hooligan, tac-tile storyteller and experience architect on a mission to celebrate life, bring rapture, and make the world all right for a while… Transforming the temporary nature of an event into an unforgettable “now”; The Aim of the Game is to Feel Real Good!

Monique van Dusseldorp is curator and moderator of events on media, tech, creativity and innovation. In 2023 she was working on CogX (London), Nextconf (Ham- burg), Immersive Tech Week (Rotterdam), Eday (Amsterdam), Cross Media Cafe (Hilversum) and New Dutch Wave (Austin, Texas).

Linda Holleman is the founder of Brandfit and a team member of New Dutch Wave (programmes & partnerships). Brandfit is a business development and brand sponsorship consultancy. Brandfit specialises in building and maintaining successful and profitable relationships and partnerships between strategic brands and project and event stakeholders in the creative sector, sustainable industry, social enterprises, government and business community.

Vera Kuipers is a versatile and energetic connector with trans-Atlantic experience in the public and private sector. Kuipers is a relationship-oriented bridge builder and team player, with ample experience in the field of international cultural policy, public diplomacy and communication.

Reanne Leuning has extensive experience in international business development for the creative industries. As the head of internationalization programmes dedicated to the creative sector at Advantage Austria, the Austrian trade promotion and innovation agency with a global presence, Reanne is responsible for creating new opportunities for Austrian designers, music industry professionals, fashion labels, filmmakers, and other entrepreneurs in the creative industries.

Marloes Pomp is a tech enthusiast with a passion for public services and social assignments. She is a frequent public speaker at international tech events. Currently, she is responsible for the international partnerships within the Netherlands AI Coalition, a member of the steering committee of the European AI Forum and a Web3 advisor at the Dutch Blockchain Coalition. She has also set up a Blockchain and AI Innovation programme for the Dutch government. The aim of this programme is to start experiments to learn with larger groups of organisations about the application possibilities of the technology. Marloes serves as an Advisory Board member to the SIDN Fund, the Dutch Court and The Blockchain the Society Board of the University of Amsterdam (VU).

Suzanne Visser is a Board Member of Dutch Digital Design and is focussed on connecting talent within the Digital Design industry and pushing the boundaries to share our innovative work across the globe. She has over 12 years of experience in the development and realisation of interactive projects in the creative- and digital industry.

Bert Hagendoorn is specialized in positioning and growth strategy for creative businesses. He is also the founder and chairman of the Dutch Digital Design Foundation, celebrating outstanding digital design from the Netherlands, across the globe. Almost 30 leading digital agencies are affiliated with the foundation as partners. Dutch Digital Design was part of New Dutch Wave, where they organized the event ‘The Future of Realities’.

Maarten Schram kicked-off at North Sea Jazz Festival, after graduating from InterCollege Business School in ‘95. After – fast forward – over 10 years on the agency side, he changed position. Currently, he is running the Dutch community of leading live communication and event agencies; IDEA. In 2016 I founded LiveCom Alliance, uniting 10 pan-European associations and he is a jury member in several international awards. Since the pandemic, he has been a member of the Dutch Fieldlab Events programme.

Roger Olivieira, the mission of Ver.ID is to make sure that our customers can easily onboard and identify their digital platform clients. The SaaS platform enables customers who require identity verification to switch from paper ID to European Digital ID (EDI) wallets and remain compliant. EDI ensures that personal and business data is verified and that privacy is protected with the best possible customer experience. Ver.iD also offers EDI wallet verification services to meet the needs of government regulators.

Flin Nortier is creating systems and experiences that are human, well thought out, and impactful. His role as a leader of a digital design agency allows him to do this for the digital products they design, as well as for the company as a whole. He has a background in design and psychology, and is a proud father of two, and lives in Amsterdam.

Cees Dingler is the founder and creative director of Capitola. His agency focusses mostly on AR and VR. He works with brands such as Hyundai, Ford and Samsung, but also Van Gogh Museum and the Mauritshuis are clients his agency has worked with.

Peggy van Schijndel is a Social Anthropologist by training, with a background in Modern Asian Studies, she tries to bridge the worlds of social design research, creative business education and sustainability in Amsterdam. At the Creative Business Research Center of Inholland University, a team of applied sciences (associate) professors and researchers conduct applied research in the fields of societal impact design, immersive content, sustainable urban tourism, digital rights in media ecosystems and regenerative placemaking.

Aziz Yagoub is a serial entrepreneur from Rotterdam. Organising festivals and owning venues like Annabel, Citrusveiling Rotterdam and developing new ones.

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