Today, under the present circumstances and the Covid-19 crisis, the Sisterhood believes that there still needs to be social and cultural exchanges and the sharing of stories. This year began with celebrating our 5th anniversary and we have been using the theme “What is Missing”. In recent times this theme seems to be even more poignant than ever. So come and join the Sisterhood storytellers online as we explore the truths, myths, lies and facts of our lives at this moment in time. As usual, our line up shall include artists, activists, scientists, academics and freethinkers.

Background Fifth Friday Sisterhood:
The Fifth Friday Sisterhood is an Advocacy Storytelling platform bringing together those that wish to share and connect with one another in a level, equal, safe-space ways. The stories, information and knowledge, exchanged during our events comes with an underlining ideal that pays homage to the Oral Tradition, and the fact that every voice has the right to speak freely, with the respect to be heard.

Today, under the present circumstances and the Covid crisis, the Sisterhood believes that we need these type of social/cultural exchanges and sharing of stories even more. The restrictions and limitations of social distancing means the Sisterhood are trying to rise to the challenges and find a way to create our safe space events on-line and we are extremely grateful to the Pakhuis de Zwijger for supporting us in our efforts.

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Programme seriesVerhalen op Vrijdag

In Verhalen op Vrijdag brengen we je elke vrijdagavond om 20.30 uur de mooiste verhalen uit de stad. Organisaties die verhalen delen zijn hun vaste bijeenkomsten kwijt. Zij zijn verbonden door de ‘urge’ om verhalen te blijven delen. Helemaal in tijden van physical distance. Daarom nodigt Pakhuis de Zwijger deze storytellers uit om hun verhalen te delen via onze LIVECAST. Zo kunnen we iedere vrijdagavond vanuit onze eigen huiskamer luisteren en meepraten met verhalen uit de stad. Dit doen we niet alleen, maar samen met onder andere Verhalen uit Nieuw-West, Lost Project, Het Lief Dagboek en Late Night Talks van Alkebulan.