Talkshow about the future of journalism with new moneymakers, captivating ideas, new solutions, and a positive vibe and energy. In this series we dive into the field with international journalists, photographers, filmmakers and scholars to speak about their emerging stories and the importance of journalism. This week is about new business models in journalism. Because especially in these uncertain and trans-formative times, reliable information and independent media are more important than ever.

At a time when the worlds attention is focused on the bleak economic forecasts and the health and climate crisis, independent journalists play a vital part in delivering reliable information to the public. However, the outlook for survival of independent media is grim. Many media outlets worldwide are on the brink of bankruptcy due to the economic crisis, but also because of failure of traditional business models. Besides that access to information is increasingly restricted in many countries, resulting in journalists facing physical threats and prosecution. If we want to ensure the survival of independent journalism, we need to act now! Because especially in these uncertain and trans-formative times, reliable information and independent media are more important than ever.

Evgenia Logunova possesses 15+ years of professional experience in go-to-market & growth, integrated marketing, Brand Ambassadorship, inclusion & diversity, sales and partners enablement, teams and customer success, innovations, business development, product marketing, strategic communications, and team leadership. She is a big fan of Ethical AI, Inclusive Leadership and adding a human voice to Data, Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, and Internet of Things. Has a strong believer in the power of diverse talent and the inclusion of underrepresented groups. Consultant, coach & mentor to am-AI-zing women founders in the field of AI and to LGBTQIA+ superheroes. Active member of the startup community in the Netherlands. Public speaker & Moderator. Women in AI Ambassador.

Marvin Bonsen is tech investor at United Robots. United Robots wants to relieve the pressure with the help of an algorithm that helps media to write articles at lightning speed. Such an algorithm can generate reports on the basis of a database of sports matches, but also articles about traffic information and stock prices. In Sweden it has become clear that there is a demand for this, says Marvin Bonsen: “With the help of the Accelerator we wanted to see what is possible on the Dutch market.”

Nigel Ballard is director at Radio Dabanga. Radio Dabanga produces independent news to make sure that everyone, wherever they are in Sudan is aware of vital information, including outbreaks of disease, gender-based violence, and human rights abuses. It is the belief of Radio Dabanga that representation of these issues in the media can help to foster information exchange, understanding, and eventually peace in Sudan.

Omoregie Osakpolor is a documentary photographer based in Lagos and Benin City, Nigeria. He started photography in 2015 with the intent to tell stories of people, places and events that are not accurately or adequately portrayed in the mainstream media. Born in 1990 in Benin City, Edo State in Southern Nigeria, he became a mentee at the ongoing the Nlele Institute Mentorship Programme since 2016, and in 2017, he was a nominee for The Future Africa Awards for The Edwin George Prize for Photography. In June 2017, he was among the 10 young photographers nominated to attend the second edition of the LagosPhoto and Canon Visual Storytelling Workshop with Gary Knight of VII Agency. He has exhibited his works in a solo and group exhibitions in Nigeria, Salzburg, Austria and The North Carolina University at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US and published online by some leading Nigerian blogs and by CNN Africa.

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