The focus of this event will be on systemic action for the protection of the most vulnerable, whether refugees in camps, migrants on the move, or (undocumented) migrants closer to home.

Each year on 18 December we celebrate International Migrants Day. Protection of people on the move, including migrants and refugees, continues to be more relevant than ever in the face of COVID-19 pandemic, continued migration streams and more recently the situation in Afghanistan.

There is a need to focus on durable and systemic action – at international, national and sub-national level. What can we learn from recent research findings? What actions can various actors take and how can they collaborate to take steps towards finding durable action?

This second episode of InSightS Live will be centered around a key ISS research theme of migration and diversity. Specifically, we will look at the question of how we can move away from ad-hoc half-solutions towards durable and systemic action for refugees and migrants.

Our search for solutions will center around three themes. First of all, how can we bring our common humanity back into the center of our responses? Second, we will zoom into how current policies are in themselves creating humanitarian disasters. Third and last, we will explore how insights from research, civil society and migrant perspectives can inform and transform policy and practice going forward. The program will be interactive throughout, and participants are invited to share their questions and own insights.

The conversation will be ISS at its finest: critical, based on real-world insights, bringing together a kaleidoscope of perspectives. Topic veteran or newbie, this episode is relevant for us all and you are welcome to join!

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