How can we find the path that will lead us beyond our current unsustainable economic system and the finance-dominated ideology that drives it? What does that mean for how we manage the free enterprise system? And how can you play a role as an impact finance professional to contribute to this system change?

John Fullerton (former banker for JP Morgan, founder of the Capital Institute) will take us along on his vision of Regenerative Economics; the application of nature’s laws and patterns of systemic health, self-organization, self-renewal, and regenerative vitality to socioeconomic systems. His research on a pattern of key interconnected principles that underlie systemic health and collectively represent the eight principles or qualities of a Regenerative Economy. Besides, he will present his Field Guide; a collection of people, businesses, and projects that are incubating the regenerative economy in cities, rural communities, and financial systems. After this keynote, a panel of financial experts will share their ideas on how to incorporate Regenerative Economics in the Dutch financial context and specifically how ABN Amro is incorporating this.

This Livecast will be followed up by a one hour interactive session for ABN Amro employees to reflect on their own role as a financial professional. How can you work towards a regenerative financial system as a team, and personally as an impact professional? Besides reflection there will be time to discuss pressing questions with John Fullerton and Kees Klomp.

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