In a society that is constantly demanding efficiency and productivity, is self care a radical act of love? This edition of QueerCity is dedicated to all the siblings of our BIPOC Queer & Trans community that struggle with finding a moment to recharge and heal from their hectic daily life. Get ready to have an evening of radical self care with performances, talks and rituals specially curated to help you take a break and find a safe space to recharge and heal.

Is self care within our BIPOC Queer & Trans community a radical statement?

Nisala Sathyaijth Saheed is a graphic designer, illustrator and artist from Kandy, Sri Lanka. They’re deeply motivated by their queer and south asian ancestry and focus their art on healing and preservation of heritage. They have a background in sociology and visual art and often work to bridge gaps between academia, community engagement, and queer BIPOC political mobility.

Roxy is a trans nonbinary member of our queer community. Born and raised in Lebanon, they are undergoing their own radical healing journeys. They try to focus this process on mindset and work on releasing the burden of healing from the body.

Sofi Castro is a Bolivian artist (in the making) who in the past year has been researching and developing a practice that revolves around erotism, pleasure, sensuality, control, power roles, boundaries, trauma, pain, voice, breathing and healing.

Navaya Real Castillo, indigenous from Colombia, is a healer and behavioural scientist. She has been active in the field of healing and self development for over 16 years. She is a part of Nali Vena and the NATIVA collective both organisations that focus on educating about plant medicine, inter generational trauma and roots restorement

Gail Levis, started to look for methods and ways to find her inner peace, balance, mental and physical rest. House of Vibrations was born. Introducing you to the many different methods of somatic therapy and using sound and cacao, she holds space for you to explore how being observant of your thoughts, your body and emotions you express daily, influence your reality and vice versa.

Programme seriesQueercity

Queercity bouwt voort op de reeks van Femcity van Pakhuis de Zwijger maar geeft hier een queer draai aan. Tijdens de QueerCity reeks presenteren we verschillende thema’s die de BIPOC LHBTQI+ gemeenschap treft, waaronder kunst, cultuur, geschiedenis, veiligheid, trans zorg, woningnood en statushouders.