We live in a society where monogamy and heterosexual relationships are considered to be the norm. Any other form of sexuality and relationship is perceived as absurd, abnormal and deviates from that set norm. This imposes enormous restrictions on different sexual identities which affects our right to self-determination. The Netherlands and Amsterdam regard themselves as being very progressive, but how does that work practically? How do institutions and governments adhere to the Christian norms and values of cisgender marriage between men and women? How can we enter into poly-relationships without having to constantly explain ourselves? How many people actually have the courage to speak openly about this?

About the speakers:

Sorab Roustayar identifies as a trans-Muslim with Afghan roots. In the past 25 years that he has lived in the Netherlands, he has been campaigning against racism, refugee hatred and for LGBTQI+ rights. Sorab is the founder of FiteQLub and currently functions as chairman, campaigner, liaison with collaboration partners and continues the strategy of the organization with the other Fiters.

Sioejeng Tsao is a multidisciplinary artist from Amsterdam who turns her vulnerability into her strength. Through her colorful work she shares her healing journey as a Chinese-Dutch, queer and polyamorous person.

Rula Asad is a feminist researcher, Journalist and trainer in the field of feminist media. Co-Founder of Stichting Syrian Female Journalists’ Network (SFJN) and the Executive Director. She holds MA in Gender Studies in Media, Culture and Arts from Utrecht University in the Netherlands and BA in Journalism from university of Damascus.

Adjoa Moon is an intergalactic high priestess. A 90’s baby combining her ancestral lineage with spirituality. She embraces all layers of self and with this her shadow self too. She is out here to help her servants tap into their kinky side.

Baque Flamingo is an open percussion group founded in Amsterdam on 13 May 2019 that plays Maracatu de Baque Virado.

Maracatu de Baque Virado is an artistic manifestation of popular and carnival culture from Pernambuco, Brazil and a form of expression of Afro-Brazilian culture, in which a royal procession parades through the streets of the Metropolitan area of Recife, accompanied by a percussive musical group.
Baque Flamingo is composed of members of diverse identities and backgrounds and is a space of community, collectivity, sharing and learning from Maracatu Nations and dedicated to supporting their continued manifestation and resistance.
Programme seriesQueercity

Queercity bouwt voort op de reeks van Femcity van Pakhuis de Zwijger maar geeft hier een queer draai aan. Tijdens de QueerCity reeks presenteren we verschillende thema’s die de BIPOC LHBTQI+ gemeenschap treft, waaronder kunst, cultuur, geschiedenis, veiligheid, trans zorg, woningnood en statushouders.