Welcome to ‘Poeting Queer History’, where we celebrate the rich tapestry of LGBTQ+ experiences through the power of poetry. In a world where our voices may be marginalised, here they will find fertile ground to flourish. It’s time for us to reclaim our narratives, to speak our truths with pride and passion. Showcasing the theme of Queer history (in Amsterdam) in it’s broadest form. The evening will kick off with a short lecture by a queer historian, followed by four performances highlighting the queer history of Amsterdam. We’ll wrap up with a lively Queer & Answer session featuring our performers and the historian. This night invites everyone from all sexualities, backgrounds, gender and affiliations with poetry or history to enjoy a night of community.

Henk B. De Vries
LGBTQ+ historian and tour guide authority
Parel Joy
Poet, printmaker and literary translator
Dane Prins
Weaver of stories
Lau Zautsen
Filmmaker and spoken word artist
Tuaca Kelly
Poet, performance artist and philosopher

About the programme

Poeting Queer History – a night of queer history and poetry curated by Unwanted Words
Join us for a special night of queer history from Amsterdam’s consumate LGBTQ+ historian and tour guide Henk B. De Vries who will warm your hearts and the stage by walking us through time. We’ll champion original poetry from our curated lineup of poets sharing their interpretation of the theme: queer history. The night will culminate with an engaging Q&A panel made of our entire lineup responding to thoughtful questions from the audience.

House rules
We work diligently to make this intentional space, so come with an open heart, an appreciation for consent, respect for privacy and each other’s identities. We continuously strive to be an intersectional platform trying to build safer spaces, and we believe that inclusion ends with exclusion. Any form of hate speech is not welcome at our stage.

About the speakers

Henk B. De Vries is Amsterdam’s beloved LGBTQ+ historian and tour guide authority. Since 2017 Henk has guided thousands of visitors through a 400-year journey through time to reveal Amsterdam’s hidden history.

Dane Prins is a young queer woman who often identifies herself as a weaver of stories, particularly during the late hours of the night. It is in those quiet moments that inspiration gently taps at her window, inviting the creation of narratives she delights in sharing with others.

Lau Zautsen is originally a filmmaker. Their latest film takes place entirely in a gay sauna and for this they drew heavily on their own experiences. Together with friends, they organize a queer open stage called KALEIDO where all types of acts are welcome. For a few years now, they have also been performing spoken word as well. They recently won the first round of one of the U-Slam Poetry battles in Utrecht.

Tuaca Kelly is an American poet, performance artist and philosopher – most known for her unique wordplay, uncanny improvisation, unpredictable humor and ability to connect with the audience. Originally from San Francisco, and inspired by the iconic leather daddies she encountered in her youth, she represents the Generation X as a fierce femmeDaddy.

More about the host

Leonie de Waal (she/they) is a writer, poet and student. Her works focuses on the big ideas in the small and everyday. Highlighting themes such as growing up, (queer) love and philosophy. Every month she hosts and organizes a queer poetry open mic at Café ’t Mandje for Unwantedwords. And in 2023 she debuted with her chapbook ‘Wanneer ik groot ben, wil ik gelukkig zijn’ (When I grow up, I want to be happy).

More about Unwanted Words
Unwanted Words is an award-winning platform for up-and-coming LGBTQ+ poets and Spoken Word artists in the Netherlands. We are an intersectional collective and work with a team of queer and non-binary BIPOC, Black, immigrants people. We celebrate queer talent by creating opportunities and spaces for self-expression, community gathering and LGBTQ+ storytelling. Our motto: Be safe, be queer and take care of each other. You might have heard from us from our Queer Poetry Nights event series, the 1st Queer & Feminist Poetry Awards or the Queer & Feminist Poetry Anthology Out Now!

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The moderator of this event is
Leonie de Waal
Writer, poet and student