Amsterdam is full of stories, through history, through people and through the media. However, not everyone’s story is in the spotlight. Many people think that their stories are not worth having, or that there is no need to listen to them. These are the unheard of stories of Amsterdam. They are finally getting a platform.

Because a city is not complete if not all voices are allowed to have a place. That is why we give different groups a stage to share their stories. themself, without intervention. Starting with a group of so-called undocumented migrants who are also part of the trans community. People for whom a place in the city is not self-evident. A group that always lives in uncertainty, but still tries to make Amsterdam a home. You will hear some of their stories this evening.

The stories that are shared serve as inspiration for two theater makers, Sia Cyrroes and Zora de Vos. Based on this and on their own experiences and thoughts, they create short theater performances. These will be presented on October 11, 2022 in Cultuurhuis de Vlugt.

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