Due to the one-sided political and military support from the Netherlands to Israel, with the ongoing bombardments in Gaza and persistent violations of human rights, there are nation wide demonstrations, actions, petitions, letters, articles and events being organised for a ceasefire to demand a stop of the genocide and ethnic cleansing. This event is designed for anyone who wants to make a difference for justice in Palestine or contribute to a ceasefire. During this gathering, you can meet others who are already active and/or want to become involved. We will kick off the programme with a marketplace featuring solidarity organisations and initiatives to get acquainted with. The evening will commence with an overview of the types of actions that have already taken place in the Netherlands. Throughout the evening, there will be two rounds of themed roundtable discussions, providing opportunities to meet and engage in conversations with others who are already or would like to get involved in solidarity actions and campaigns.

The marketplace to meet other organisations starts at 19:30 – the plenary programme starts at 20:00.

We are currently fully booked/ out of capacity. If you would like you can stil fill in the contact form so you remain updated on future events. See link below for updates on future events:

Programme seriesJustice for Palestine

The Justice for Palestine series will focus upon the broader historic- and present-day context of colonisation, apartheid and military occupation that preceded the horrific October 7th attacks and the relentless bombardments of the Gaza strip that followed. By starting these dialogues, we aim to focus on envisioning sustainable solutions for justice, equality and peace in Historic Palestine for all people who are living there.