Patrice Lumumba aims to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict in eastern Congo. Between five and 10 million people died as a result of the colonial exploitation under the rule and administration of King Leopold II and his functionaries, where millions of women endure atrocities, children work in mines, millions of lives have been lost since 1885 until 30 june 1960. From 1996 to 2008, the International Rescue Committee estimated that the war and its aftermath had caused 5.4 million deaths, principally through disease and malnutrition making the Second Congo War the deadliest conflict worldwide since World War II.

Within this context, Western continues to exploit the population for natural resources. This event is organized in the run-up to a protest on saturday 20th of january at dam-square to raise awareness, we hope to send a powerful message and demand justice and peace for the Congolese people. Your kind support and participation are crucial to the success of this event. Together, we can make a difference and amplify the voices that have been silenced for too long.

Initiatiors background info:

AV Collectief: We, the African Refugee Collective in the Netherlands, were founded to guide, help and support homeless refugees and rejected asylum seekers homeless people living on the streets of Amsterdam. These people do not have access to shelter, are not allowed to work or study, and are not eligible for social support from the government or municipality.

Kinenga: Kinenga’s mission is to bring people together, encouraging critical thinking and empathy. Our aim is straightforward: to counter polarization and radicalization in society. Through our blog, Brownstudy, we share esoteric knowledge of holistic health, unpopular opinions and actualities.

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