The Subjective Atlas of Amsterdam presents the Dutch capital as experienced by its inhabitants. Decisions on the city’s design are currently being made by a mostly white, theoretically trained group who do not represent the diversity of Amsterdam. This atlas was developed by Arcam to map more diverse experiences in our urban environment. Come to this festive launch of the publication and converse with the atlas makers, map makers, and the professionals that see the importance of integrating new knowledge into selection-, design, and decision-making processes. For more information, check this link.

This event will be in English.

This event can only be attended physically at our studio. The recordings will be made available later on and can be viewed via or via our YouTube channel.

During this event, four contributions to the Subjectieve Atlas are highlighted. This includes maps centered around inaccessibility of the housing market, of public space, queer intolerance and physical inaccessibility; the latter is presented by Alexandra Rouppe van der Voort.

About the speakers

Annelys de Vet is designer, researcher and lecturer. Her practice focusses on long-term participative design projects that engage in social and political struggles. She currently holds a position as PhD researcher at ARIA (Antwerp Research Instituut for the Arts). Among other things she was the Course Director of the two-year masters ‘Disarming Design’ at the Sandberg Institute (2020-2022). And she is the initiator of Subjective Editions, a series atlases made from a human perspective by the inhabitants, together with local designers and artists. The ‘Subjective Atlas of Amsterdam’ is the fourteenth in this series.

Anne Vera Veen is project leader and program maker, and was involved with the development of the Subjectieve Atlas through Arcam. Together with Annelys de Vet she will be looking back on the creation process and which insights they derived from this.

Wouter Stroet is a designer, filmmaker and activist. In his work he attempts to fight and raise awareness for housing justice often through working with and for local communities like Verdedig Noord and Mokum Kraakt. For the Subjective Atlas Wouter was involved in the development as well as in the design process.

Najah Aouaki strives for an inclusive city as an economist and urban strategist. While urban development and the market threaten inclusion, Najah thinks of strategies and concepts that open up new possibilities for those who risk being excluded. She is also involved in community wealth building in various areas of Amsterdam.

Uğur Pekdemir is the chair of the management board of Rabobank Amstel & Vecht. He is responsible for the management of members and clients, to reassure that their wishes and needs are respected.

Peter Heuvelink is director of AM Noordwest. He has previously worked at AM as a development manager of large urban developments in the Metropolitan Region of Amsterdam.

Denise Koeleveld is an architect and concept developer at housing corporation Ymere who is involved in the design and planning of social housing.

Robert Winkel is General Chairman of the Commissie Ruimtelijke Kwaliteit Amsterdam. This commission revolves around the safekeeping of the spatial quality of the city of Amsterdam. Robert is also the founder of Mei Architects.

Alexandra Rouppe van der Voort is a visual artist. She paints, draws, writes, photographs, and makes video-stills. Among other things, she is one of the contributors of the Subjective Atlas.

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