Talkshow about the future of journalism with new moneymakers, captivating ideas, new solutions, and a positive vibe and energy. In this series, we dive into the field with international journalists, photographers, filmmakers, and scholars to speak about their emerging stories and the importance of journalism. This week is about journalism and reaching a younger audience: how do adolescents keep being informed? Especially in these uncertain and transformative times, reliable information and independent media are more important than ever!

Yasser Machat is a Communication specialist at FHI360, and a social media influencer with around 120.000 subscribers. He uses his passion for social media to create content that brings positive change. He focuses his content on Digital Wellbeing, Education, and Social Issues. He recently started his own project called Zed Tunisia to improve the online representation of Tunisian cities.

Abdulmonam Eassa, born in 1995, is a photojournalist covering news stories and focusing on social issues. He is currently based in Paris as a freelance photographer mostly for Agence France-Presse. He started his career in photojournalism as a self-taught freelance photographer in 2013, covering life under siege in “Hammouria, Eastern Ghouta” until early 2018 based, documenting the carnage and destruction resulting from near-daily airstrikes and bombardments. During the five years that he lived under siege in his city.

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A trip around the world with photographers, journalists, writers, and filmmakers.