The world is in an extraordinary state at the moment. The measures against COVID-19 not only affects our day-to-day interaction but also has consequences for the way we consume international stories, news and images. Photographers, journalists, writers and filmmakers around the world are being restricted because of the pandemic. Every Wednesday at 16:00h (CET) three guests will give an insight in their work, their own communities and surroundings. How can we keep being informed and hold a broad perspective?

Conny Braam

Cornelia Hendrika Helena (Conny) Braam (Arnhem, 28 februari 1948) is een Dutch anti-apartheidsactiviste, journalist en author. In 1971 she was one of te founders of the Apartheidsbeweging Nederland (AABN). Sindce 1992 she publishes novels. In Emerging Stories she will talk about her new book: ‘Wij zijn de wrekers over dit alles’.

Khadija Patel

Khadija Patel pushes words on street corners. She is the editor-in-chief of the Mail & Guardian, a co-founder of the The Daily Vox and vice chairperson of the International Press Institute. As a journalist she has produced work for Sky News, Al Jazeera, The Guardian, Quartz, City Press and the Daily Maverick, among others. She is also a research associate at WISER (Wits Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Witwatersrand) and has also worked in community media. In 2017, she was among 11 people from across Africa and the diaspora who were awarded the inaugural Africa #NoFilter fellowship from the Ford Foundation and in 2018, she was awarded honorary membership of the Golden Key Society. She is passionate about the protection and enhancement of global media as a public good.

Anrike Visser

Arike mainly writes about social issues, development, technology and finance, but anything that grabs her attention can turn into an article. Usually, She is drawn to situations that illustrate where the world is heading or how our perception of the world is changing. The need for illustrating and explaining the world has never been greater in her opinion. “We live in a ‘globalised world’ meaning we receive plenty of information about and from others across the globe. Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean we understand each other more clearly. Especially because of differences in cultural norms clouding communication across borders. Here lies a role for journalists; turning information overload into meaning and understanding.” That is why she founded Global Ground Media, a publication covering Asia through a global lens.

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