The world is in an extraordinary state at the moment. The measures against COVID-19 not only affects our day-to-day interaction but also has consequences for the way we consume international stories, news and images. Photographers, journalists, writers and filmmakers around the world are being restricted because of the pandemic. Every Wednesday at 16:00h (CET) three guests will give an insight in their work, their own communities and surroundings. How can we keep being informed and hold a broad perspective?

Nighat Dad

Nighat Dad is a Pakistani lawyer and Internet activist who runs the non-profit organisation Digital Rights Foundation. Her work in the field of IT security has earned her many international awards. In 2012, she set up the Foundation where she was executive director, educate Pakistani internet users, particularly women to protect themselves from online harassment.

Premesh Chandran

Prem is the CEO and co-founder of Malaysiakini, and serves as non-executive director of KiniTV and FG Media. He believes in finding practical ways to achieve one’s ideals. He sometimes wonders how he got into this, but then he remembers the pre-Internet media and is glad that he did.

Tamara Witschge

Tamara Witschge is professor at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the University of Groningen. She runs the five-year, NWO-funded research programme “Entrepreneurship at Work” and the NWO-funded action research project “Documenting Complexity”. Her research includes the role of media and design in social innovation, creativity and innovation in the cultural industries and journalism, and playful, creative, practice-based methodologies. In 2020 “Beyond Journalism” was published, which she wrote together with Mark Deuze (Polity Press). She co-edited the Sage Handbook of Digital Journalism (2016) and is co-author of ‘Changing Journalism’ (2011, Routledge).

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