ING, the leading bank in the Netherlands, is a key lender for both the fossil fuel and steel industries: two of the most environmentally and climate damaging industries in the world. What is the impact of ING’s dirty deals with companies like ExxonMobil and ArcelorMittal on people, workers and the climate? And how are local communities fighting back for clean air and water, their health and an end to fossil fuels? Frontline activists from 6 different countries are in Amsterdam to hold ING accountable at their Annual Shareholders’ Meeting and will share their stories with you.

In conversation with
Aline Marins
Climate activist from Brazil
Roselio Rosales
Community defender from Mexico
Melanie Oldham
Environmental activist from the Gulf Coast, USA
John Beard
Environmental activist from the Gulf Coast, USA
Radek Kubala
Campaigner at Re-Set from Czechia
Dada Konkah
Community defender from Liberia

About the speakers

Aline Marins is a community defender from Brazil. Fights against Ternium

Roselio Contreras is a community defender from Mexico. Roselio fights against ArcelorMittal.

Melanie Oldman is an environmental activist from the Gulf Coast of the USA, fighting against LNG.

John Beard is an environmental activist from the Gulf Coast of the USA, fighting against LNG.

Radek Kubala is campaigner at Re-Set from Czechia. Radek fights against EPH.

Dada Konkah is a community defender from Liberia. Dada fights against ArcelorMittal.



About ING fossielvrij

We are a group of direct and indirect ING clients and we call on the bank to stop fuelling the climate crisis with their money. In the midst of an escalating climate crisis it is unacceptable that money still flows to oil and gas companies expanding fossil infrastructure. We want ING to lead the way to a liveable and just society and economy. We believe building a people powered movement will be necessary for ING to stop the money pipeline to fossil fuels.

About BankTrack

BankTrack is the international tracking, campaigning and civil society support organisation targeting private sector commercial banks (‘banks’) and the activities they finance. BankTrack combines twenty years of critical yet constructive engagement with banks and banking initiatives with unique campaigning capabilities, thanks to our strong ties with the global bank campaigners movement, including grassroots organisations and partners representing communities in the Global South affected by bank financed projects and companies.
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Nuria Zantman
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