Nieuw-West is a super diverse district in the city of Amsterdam. How can we work together to make this district even more inclusive? With Stichting Prisma Groep, a foundation for bicultural and/or Islamic LGBTQI+ people, we host this programme series on inclusivity, safety, racism and intersectionality.

You can attend this event physically or online. When making your reservation, choose between a physical spot or an online reservation.

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During the 6th edition of this programme, we look beyond the boundaries of the district of Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Together with guest speakers Kami Sid, Mel Alex, and Kaye Candaza we will talk about transgender rights and activism from a national and international perspective. How to fight for transgender equality? What problems do activists face? And which milestones have been yet reached and can we be proud of?

The first part of this program (19:00 – 20:00) is a live broadcast. During the second part of the evening (20:00 – 20:45) the cameras are turned off and there is opportunity to enter into an interactive dialogue with the guest speakers.

Programme seriesInclusief Nieuw-West

Nieuw-West is een superdivers stadsdeel. Maar hoe inclusief is het stadsdeel? Samen met Stichting Prisma Groep, een stichting voor biculturele en/of islamitische LHBTQI+ personen, hosten we deze programmareeks over inclusiviteit, veiligheid, racisme en intersectionaliteit in Nieuw-West.