In Holding Space Aminata Cairo presents her own, unique vision in the promotion of inclusion that far surpasses the standard diversity & inclusion approach. She grounds her work in Indigenous knowledge, the blues aesthetics, holy hip hop, and Caribbean and black feminist theories. She engages her audience utilizing storytelling, with the ultimate goal of creating a new story, collectively. Her book presentation utilizes readings, song, and dance to challenge the audience to take a closer look at themselves and each other, raising the question what it really takes to collectively create an environment of equality and validation. It is about us, all of us, is her message, as she forces us to feel, hear, and own that. Her book presentation is not a reading, it is an experience.

Aminata Cairo is an anthropologist, psychologist, educator, storyteller, “love-worker”. She is an independent consultant “who works with people”. She is the former lector of Inclusive Education at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. She was the first and only lector of African descent in the Netherlands.

Rosalba Icaza is a decolonial feminist activist-scholar of Mexican origin and Associate Professor in Global Politics, Gender and Diversity at the Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University of Rotterdam. She is member of the Red Transnational Otros Saberes (RETOS), co-convenes the reading/learning group “Nurturing (each) Other” and collaborates with Suumil Mookt’an Tejiendo Saberes para la Vida Comunitaria, Sinanche, Yucatan, Mexico.

Daphina Misiedjan is an assistant-professor at International Institute of Social Studies (ISS), The Hague, an associated researcher at the Utrecht Center for Oceans, Water and Sustainability Law. She specializes in issues concerning human rights (in particular economic, social and cultural rights) and the environment. Her book is titled: Towards a Sustainable Human Right to Water. Supporting vulnerable people and protecting water resources. She is interested in Global South perspectives on environmental justice and new developments including the right to clean air and the recognition of legal personhood for Nature also known as Earth Jurisprudence or Wild Law. Her research as a NIAS Fellow focusses on the dynamics of the social movements in relation to rights of Nature.

Jacco van Uden is a professor of Change Management at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. As head of the Change Management research group Jacco promotes the questioning of taken-for-granted management ideas and practices. His key research projects are Making Art Work (what can management and organisation learn from the arts?) and Reshaping Business Education. Jacco is also a self-employed management consultant.

Steven Asei-Dantoni is a researcher and advisor on Inclusive Education and Social Innovation. His work focuses on improving educational experiences with transformative learning. Steven is a research assistant at the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam. He is also a creative content creator. Steven is the host & producer of L’interlude Podcast which celebrates kids’ voices to inspire the world

Erin Kenny is a professor of anthropology at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri, USA. She specializes in gender and economic transactional practices. She has worked with communities in East and West Africa, and currently does action research with families in the Ozarks.

Alexandra Loembé is a Russian-Congolese dancer, teacher and choreographer with a holistic approach to dance. From the start of her career she developed a transcultural vision in dance and the transfer of dance, that she apply’s in various fields. Within her work, the here and now, the body as a whole, multisensory stimulation and authenticity are of importance.

Holding Space – The Podcast
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