In the current crisis Europe finds itself facing declining support for the integration process; EU citizenship can reinforce citizens’ resilience and their appurtenance to a community of Europeans and thus embody a countermodel. Yet, while promising citizens novel opportunities and rights, challenges to the citizenship status in the EU continue to persist. Bottom-up action is needed. For that reason, 10 NGOs, cultural & civic organisations, universities and networks have joined forces since 2017 to come to a joint learning model for their students, their audiences, clients, stakeholders and similar organisms everywhere in Europe.

This event can only be attended physically at our studio. The recordings will be made available later on and can be viewed via or via our YouTube channel.
  • Farid Tabarki is the founding director of Studio Zeitgeist
  • Merel Mathey is director of Cameretten, the oldest and largest cabaret festival in the Netherlands
  • Oeds Westerhof was director of Leeuwarden-Friesland European Capital of Culture 2018, and is Founding Partner of Common Ground – Common Sense
  • Dion van den Berg is head of the Europe team at PAX for Peace
  • Miguel Ángel Martín Ramos is head of European Affairs and Brussels Delegation at Fundación Academia Europea e Iberoamericana de Yuste (Spain)
  • Kathrin Deventer is the Secretary General of the European Festivals Association (EFA).
  • Izabella Agárdi is historian, and full-time Researcher and Academic Program Coordinator at Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg (iASK), Hungary

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Campus Ravenna

Campus Yuste

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