The Dutch media landscape has become less diverse in the past ten years, mainly caused by mergers. Making journalism takes time (and thus money), craftsmanship, knowledge and creativity. Independent media platforms, such as OneWorld, that bring new narratives to the landscape, have to carry their own weight. In their DCFA Fellowship, Seada Nourhussen and John Olivieira of OneWorld will invite designers and other experts to expose the design flaws in journalism and explore solutions and practical changes to redesign it. What are the power dynamics and politics in journalism? How just is the system behind journalism? Who gets to decide and who gets to write?


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Eric Smit is co-founder and co-editor-in-chief of Follow the Money, a journalistic platform with the goal of truth-finding in service of society. With a background in economics, Eric used to work in business, after which switched to work for Quote Magazine, where he was investigative journalist and later deputy editor-in-chief. In 2009, he founded Follow the Money, together with Mark Koster and Arne van der Wal, and since then, the platform conducts research into people, systems and organizations that misbehave (financially and economically) using radical independent investigative journalism.

Aminanta Minte is freelance journalist, radio editor at NPO Radio FunX, creative entrepreneur and founder of Alien Mag. Alien Mag is an online platform focusing on fashion, lifestyle and culture. Alien Mag revolves around promoting girlpower, self acceptance and the celebration of life in all its forms, specifically of women (of colour).

Mick ter Reehorst is the director and founder of Are We Europe, a non-profit media collective founded in 2017. The collective takes on the complex issue of European identity by showcasing creative talent & storytelling from around the continent and beyond. It publishes a print magazine, multimedia stories and podcasts. Mick studied journalism and international relations in Amsterdam and Paris and travels around Europe spreading the gospel of good design and journalism, and how they go hand in hand. He’s constantly building new projects and partnerships all over the continent.

Seada Nourhussen is the editor-in-chief of OneWorld. In the past she worked as a columnist, domestic reporter and Africa editor at Trouw. She previously also worked as a cultural editor at Elsevier and was an economics and arts editor at De Volkskrant. She wrote the book ‘Bloedmobieltjes, Coltan in Congo’ (KIT, 2011), co-authored the collections WTF?! Growing up after September 11 (Prometheus, 2011), Away from Babylon (August, 2008), Zwart (Atlas Contact, 2018) and Afro-European literature in the Low Countries. Through her work and as a panelist or leader of conversations, she plays an active role in the portrayal of Africa and anti-racism. She is currently also working on a new book.

During his career, John Olivieira has always been involved with entrepreneurship, advising, and building in the fields of strategy, marketing, and commerce. As former CEO of PubliekeOmroep Amsterdam (public broadcast organization Amsterdam), in 2019 and 2020 he has led the channel AT5 & Salto during the broadcast-concession process. Prior, he has been active on management level for six years at Sanoma, one of the leading media companies in Europe. John is currently chairman of the board of the European anti-discrimination organization FARE, a European social inclusion network associated with UEFA, board member of youth platform Funx, member of the Dutch National Council for Culture, a body established by law to advise the Dutch Government and Parliament on the arts, culture and media and he is publisher of Dutch journalistic platform OneWorld which explains the connections between themes sustainability, human rights and identity.

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