In Designing Cities for All (DCFA) we dive into the matter of (re)designing inclusive cities. Next to inviting many designers, scientists, experts, educational institutions, and other involved partners to participate- we invited a total of six Fellows to curate part of the programme. After our 2021 Fellows Lyongo Juliana, Dark Matter Labs, and Galit Ariel, we are happy to welcome OneWorld as our first Fellow in 2022! In their DCFA Fellowship, editor-in-chief Seada Nourhussen and publisher John Olivieira will take us on their mission to (re)design journalism, in which we together explore current power structures in the field, and the concept of ‘journalism for justice’.

This event can only be attended physically at our studio. The recordings will be made available later on and can be viewed via or via our YouTube channel.

Seada Nourhussen is the editor-in-chief of OneWorld. In the past she worked as a columnist, domestic reporter and Africa editor at Trouw. She previously also worked as a cultural editor at Elsevier and was an economics and arts editor at De Volkskrant. She wrote the book ‘Bloedmobieltjes, Coltan in Congo’ (KIT, 2011), co-authored the collections WTF?! Growing up after September 11 (Prometheus, 2011), Away from Babylon (August, 2008), Zwart (Atlas Contact, 2018) and Afro-European literature in the Low Countries. Through her work and as a panelist or leader of conversations, she plays an active role in the portrayal of Africa and anti-racism. She is currently also working on a new book.

During his career, John Olivieira has always been involved with entrepreneurship, advising, and building in the fields of strategy, marketing, and commerce. As former CEO of PubliekeOmroep Amsterdam (public broadcast organization Amsterdam), in 2019 and 2020 he has led the channel AT5 & Salto during the broadcast-concession process. Prior, he has been active on management level for six years at Sanoma, one of the leading media companies in Europe. John is currently chairman of the board of the European anti-discrimination organization FARE, a European social inclusion network associated with UEFA, board member of youth platform Funx, member of the Dutch National Council for Culture, a body established by law to advise the Dutch Government and Parliament on the arts, culture and media and he is publisher of Dutch journalistic platform OneWorld which explains the connections between themes sustainability, human rights and identity.

Studio Colorado is founded in 2017 by Nine Fluitsma and Remco Oude Alink. Nine used to work independently, designing mainly books and other printed matters for cultural institutions, while Remco worked at design agency Thonik and teached at ArtEZ University for the arts. Together they create conceptual and cheerful graphic design, with an autonomous attitude. Colorado developed dynamic identities for OneWorld magazine, Dekmantel Festival, Reinwardt Academy and many others. Their work often has a typographic origin with a bold tone of voice.

Programme seriesDesigning Cities for All

How can designers contribute to the creation of inclusive cities for, and by everyone?