During this edition of Queercity we are ready to deconstruct and abolish the binary view on gender. Get ready to heal and change preconceived ideas, to give space and recognition to the fluidity of gender identity. Expect personal stories, experiences of resistance, fluid performances and conversations with BIPOC trans & queer communities that have decided to celebrate and live their freedom. Questions that we will discuss this evening are how do BIPOC Trans & Queer communities resist and fight against binaries? Can we let go and heal colonial ideas on gender? And how can we fully explore the fluidity of gender?


About the speakers

Angelina Loqui started ages ago as a dragqueen but developed herself as a drag bear. As part of the queer, bear and drag community it is important to showcase and embrace all the beautiful body types that exist in our community. Butch or fem, Angelina posses both qualities. Angelina is member of one of the most diverse draghouses in Amsterdam which is the house of hopelezz.

Mavi Veloso is a Brazilian transgender artist based in the Netherlands. Transdisciplinary by essence, she likes to integrate her experience as a performer, visual artist, singer and music producer combining pop with different styles to bring powerful stage performances.

Marc Alberto is a profoundly creative sound artist with a Euro-Caribbean background. They have a personal sound that cannot be categorised, creating unique electro-acoustic compositions with their saxophones and words. From a young age, Marc has engaged in a diverse creative and musical scene where they have been active as a producer, multi-instrumentalist, spoken word artist, sound designer, poet, musical educator, and singer.

Programme seriesQueercity

Queercity bouwt voort op de reeks van Femcity van Pakhuis de Zwijger maar geeft hier een queer draai aan. Tijdens de QueerCity reeks presenteren we verschillende thema’s die de BIPOC LHBTQI+ gemeenschap treft, waaronder kunst, cultuur, geschiedenis, veiligheid, trans zorg, woningnood en statushouders.