What is the impact of racism and colourism within the queer and trans community? And how can we identify, fight and dismantle established and internalised racist ideas? Let’s review together how our colonial past has created and perpetrated a systematical racist system. Through a workshop, personal stories and a safe(r) space of exchange and conversations, we want to start shaking the base of stablished and internalised ideas of race, gender and class. Join this edition of Queer City where a space of reflection and introspection will be created.

This edition of Queer City is a free workshop (in English) and it is part of the ‘Week Against Racism’. Please note: this workshop has a limited capacity!

In collaboration with
Programme seriesQueercity

Queercity bouwt voort op de reeks van Femcity van Pakhuis de Zwijger maar geeft hier een queer draai aan. Tijdens de QueerCity reeks presenteren we verschillende thema’s die de BIPOC LHBTQI+ gemeenschap treft, waaronder kunst, cultuur, geschiedenis, veiligheid, trans zorg, woningnood en statushouders.