The climate, the financial and now the corona crisis show that the way we have organized our economic system no longer works. How do we arrive at an economy in which exponential and extractive growth is no longer central, but the boundaries of people and the planet are respected and prioritized? And well-being is seen and shared through a different lens? A fundamental shift in our economic policy is crucial. It’s time to rethink measurements in our economic system and put the well-being of people and the planet first. In this first episode of the series The Wellbeing Economy, we discuss the meaning and necessity of the Wellbeing Economy. What is it? What are the challenges? And what can it bring about?

We start this LIVECAST with defining the meaning of Economics: what should and could be an economy? We will continue to discuss with the speakers how the economic system could look like differently. It is clear that the current system has already reached and exceeded the limits of the planet. It is also known that the current economic system does not promote equality between people. A change is needed. However, this change in thinking does not come without its challenges. Is it possible to imagine a new form of economy or are we stuck in the current way of thinking? And how do you then translate new schools of thoughts, like the Wellbeing Economy, into practice? We will continue to discuss this new way of thinking, with all the challenges it faces, with the panel members.

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Gatool Katawazi
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Programme seriesWellbeing Economy

De klimaat-, financiële en coronacrisis laten zien dat de manier waarop we ons economisch systeem hebben ingericht niet meer werkt. Het is tijd om het meten in ons economisch systeem te herzien en om het welzijn van de mens en het planeet voorop te stellen.