Creativity and innovation have always depended on collaboration – whether people are making art, building structures, or innovating tech. But how does collaboration work in a time of distancing? How do we hack our way to health? Creatives often say they need to be in a room together and ‘feel the vibe’, yet we’re constantly finding new ways of creating togetherness apart. In this series, Kerrie Finch – founding partner of Futurefactor – will sit down with creative collaborators to discuss how we can apply their insights to business and the world of creative communication. How have they adapted to the current situation? Have they discovered new ways to work, play, and perform together? Join us for a left-field conversation on how to stay creatively connected during and post-pandemic.

James Veenhoff never imagined he’d work in fashion, but he’s built a successful career and become a leading force in Amsterdam’s style scene. He is one of the founders of House of Denim, a platform dedicated to the sustainable development of premium denim, and one of the founding fathers of Amsterdam Fashion Week in 2004.

Edine Russel is the editor-in-chief of ELLE Netherlands, the lifestyle magazine that focuses on fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment. Edine regularly writes about fashion, lifestyle, and other matters that are close to her heart herself. Previously, she was editor-in-chief of ELLE Decoration – matching her ongoing love for interior and design.

Rodney Lam is CEO of Daily Paper, an Amsterdam- based fashion and lifestyle brand established in 2012 by three childhood friends sharing a love for music, art, fashion, and culture. Fueled by the rich heritage of African culture wrapped in contemporary designs, Daily Paper has become a fast-growing fashion brand, putting their love for their community first. Next to that, Rodney recently realised his childhood-dream by producing a movie and playing the lead character in the movie Suriname (2020).

Lisa Hogg of BRAVE Amsterdam is passionate and motivated about sustainability and brand management. She is a natural innovator, skilled, and experienced in the implementation of effective management strategies, with a proven track record spanning all areas of marketing, sustainability, and brand communications. Lisa has experience in both agency and client-side environments and worked on both Pan European and global level for 21 years.


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How to stay creatively connected during and post-pandemic.