On the vast Mongolian steppe, climate change has a huge impact on the lives of traditional herders and their horses. Sustainable manufactured horse hides can play a key role in the survival of nomadic herding. Two entrepreneurs, the Dutch Matthea and the Mongolian Zack, set up together a traceable horse leather chain while keeping the local cultural values alive. But producing a sustainable product is not a simple checklist, especially not in the leather sector. Together, Zack and Matthea overcome many difficulties to fulfill their dream. During this programme, we will watch the screening of ‘A journey of 1000 miles starts with a single step’ and afterward dive deeper into the topic of producing sustainable leather products.

In conversation with:
Margriet Jansen
Movie director
Coen van de Ven
Journalist and editor, De Groene Amsterdammer
Matthea Dominique van Staden
Aduu Mal/ Made in Mongolia BV
Lhagva Lhagvasuren
Director of Northeast asian environmental & agricultural research center, Dornod Province. Mongolië

About the programme

During this programme we will watch the documentary and afterwards, have a conversation with the involved experts. We will zoom in on the leather sector in a polluting fashion industry. Mongolia is a place where climate change, geo-political relations and international trade influence each other. This evening we will dive into topics such as climate change, local solutions to global issues and the power of collaboration.