Kink is defined as sexual activity that falls outside of sex that society traditionally considers “acceptable.” There are many known practices like BDSM (Bondage, Discipline/domination, Sadism/submission, Masochism). While many people indulge in BDSM practices, it is commonly seen as a taboo within the Western world. With this programme, we want to enlighten the healing and empowering elements of kink that have been used for generations outside of Western cultures. For two years QueerCity has given a platform to everyone within the queer community, especially BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Colour). This calls for a celebration! Join us in an evening full of sensual performances, erotic poetry, healing rituals and intimate conversations with members of our community that have chosen kink as a way to reclaim their queer bodies.

We are currently in a moment of high visibility of anti-Black violence and violence against the Black body. This violence has shown a significant connection between anti-Black violence and pleasure. While the discrimination against Women of Colour has been documented and is widespread, that also goes for the simultaneity of pleasure and anti-Blackness. Can this be reclaimed? Well, power is not lost in this conversation.

Black women have often been portrayed as nymphomaniacs. Powerful, but not in a uplifting way. More in a intimidating and angry manner. This is shown in general media: tv-shows, movies, even celebrities. Within porn, this varies. As mentioned before, BDSM practices have been considered taboo. That does not mean that it’s not enjoyed on porn sites. Women of Colour are simply described as a category, a fetish, as it is known within the world of pornography. Within the BDSM community there are roles and a hierarchy: a submissive and a dominant (this is not exclusively the same as a top and a bottom). Within that same community there are different branches, different scenes, such as degradation that goes as far as “slave play”. The connotation of that word cannot be truly understood and felt, like it can for People of Colour. Kink needs to be brought back to what it can be, especially for marginalised communities, because it originates from pleasure, liberation and power.

Kink, similarly to queerness, inherently defies the process of definition; creating one’s own definition is an act of resistance in itself. Kink can encourage radical healing and freedom. There is no other community so focussed on communication and boundaries. Something that is sometimes seen as inappropriate. Colonisation has planted the seed for sex to be something you should not enjoy. Society tells us that as a woman, you should not ask your partner for what you want, you should be content with what they are willing to give you. That widespread belief has been pushed upon us as people. This makes it seem as though consent and safety are unimportant. Through BDSM practices, you can rewrite traumatic experiences, redefine intimacy and learn what it is to truly trust not only your partner(s), but most of all yourself.

Systems of oppression directly impact our pleasure and our sexual life. I think if people actually understood that racism, classism, ableism, transphobia and femmephobia, directly impact our sexual expression – then they would actually understand sex. I think people try to put the cart before the horse. You have to talk about how your body has been regarded as a Black person, before you fuck, before you start talking about who you’re attracted to” – Ericka Hart.

Programmes like QueerCity help people understand each other, they give voices to people who have been silenced their entire lives about issues that have been brought upon them by those who will not listen. Because of series like QueerCity, conversations have been had and will continue to spread. Conversations led by queer people. BIPOC, trans people, non binary people etc. We want this to continue and we hope you do too. So join and help us to continue this series and hopefully we will see you at the anniversary of QueerCity.

Reserve your seat for free and join us on the 30th of November!