In this episode, Annick van Rinsum speaks with interdisciplinary artist NIÑO DIVINO. They talk about how he perceives art as a place to slow down and allow space for the things that we tend to neglect in our daily lives. For him, art can have a healing and transformative quality. When he came to the Netherlands to study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie he encountered discrimination and exotification. He tells about his journey of decolonizing his own body and his artistic practice in order to become the artist he truly is at heart. In this, he took inspiration from his childhood and the healing rituals that his mother used to perform. Recently, he made his first EP called ANEMOIA and birthed his alter-ego NIÑO DIVINO, inspired by his childhood saint Divino Niño. He lets his childhood take him by the hand to rediscover his inner child and to approach conflictual feelings with kindness and joy.

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