Distributed Design is back for the third year! The Distributed Design Platform acts as an exchange and networking hub for the European maker movement and the emerging field of distributed design. The initiative aims at developing and promoting the connection between designers, makers, and the digital and local markets.

Distributed Design values are Open , Collaborative, Regenerative, and Ecosystemic. Open refers to a transparent, replicable, and accessible design process. Collaborative means including citizens as active participants in the design process. Regenerative principles are renewing and restoring rather than just replacing or devaluing systems. Ecosystemic stands for acknowledging the complexity of interactions between cultural, natural, and social aspects.

In 2021 we joined the Distributed Design Platform and since then we have organised many different programmes and activities. To do this, every year we have launched an open call to invite local and international design talents to submit their projects. Based on distributed design values and principles eight creative talents were selected to present their work on the stage of Pakhuis de Zwijger. You can watch back Designing Circular Cities programme in 2021 and Design Beyond the Decline in 2022 to get a better idea of what you can expect from coming programmes in 2023.

Are there more? Yes, we also organise workshops where you have the chance to meet peers and learn from the experts in the field. In Define Regenerative Design workshop we challenged participants to a regenerative way of thinking.

If you want to know more make sure to check out our website! On September 4 we will publish the Distributed Design 2023 Open Call so stay tuned!