Next week in Pakhuis de Zwijger The European Fab City movement meets Distributed Designers during the program: Designing Circular Cities. On the evening of October 13th, an international group of designers presents their work and share their vision on circular cities. From eco cathedrals and recycled electric skateboards to an infrastructure of battery charge and swap stations for electric vessels: how do designers work on locally productive, but globally connected cities? Get inspired by their work and join the conversation on distributed and circular design.

The Fab City movement is aiming for locally productive, but globally connected cities. This means that the cities, city makers and researchers involved work on ways to create a local, socially and ecologically sustainable manufacturing industry, and share the underlying design principles world wide so initiatives in other cities can use them in their own way.

Pakhuis de Zwijger is involved in two European research projects that are both connected to this Fab City movement. Within CENTRINNO 9 cities – Amsterdam, Barcelona, Blönduós, Copenhagen, Geneva, Milan, Paris, Talinn and Zagreb – investigate a possible new industrial revolution that puts citizens and local production at the core of a sustainable transformation. Within DDMP Pakhuis de Zwijger ran an open call for creative talent that uses the power of distributed design for circular cities. On October 13th the different CENTRINNO city pilots will visit Amsterdam and meet our distributed design creative talents. In a special livecast the DDMP designers will present their work and speak with CENTRINNO representatives at our talkshow table on subjects like makership, designing for behavioral change and micro-activism.