All over the world mixed urban spaces are becoming increasingly popular. Spaces for working, recreation, transport and housing are merging together in new multifunctional spaces. Every city knows its own unique context and its own strategies in the multiple uses of space. In this episode of Metromix, we are going to take a look at international examples of mixed-use planning in cities. How are other cities mixing in their spatial domain? What can we learn from different cities and their mixed-use planning projects?

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In this program we will take a closer look at some examples of mixed urban land use internationally. With an impressive set of speakers with expertise in urban planning and design in a variety of countries, we are hoping to inspire each other with the different cases and experiences on this topic.

Alejandro Echeverri believes in the ethical responsibility of designers to contribute towards a better society. He is co-founder and Director of URBAM, the Center for Urban and Environmental Studies at EAFIT University in Medellin Colombia. His experience combines architectural, urban, environmental projects and planning. In this episode he is going to share his experiences in transforming Medellìn, by using mixed use planning to overcome physical and social issues in the city.

Tim Stonor is an architect and urban planner who has devoted his career to the analysis and design of human behaviour patterns. He has been managing director of Space Syntax since 1995. In this episode Tim will share his experiences in different urban contexts on the design of multifunctional spaces.

Marina Otero Verzier is an architect based in Rotterdam. She is director of Research at Het Nieuwe Instituut and head the Social Design MA at Design Academy Eindhoven. Marina aims to look beyond the established manners of the urban planning of mixed urban spaces. What functions do we mix? And for who are we mixing? In this episode she will share her insights on the mixed of use urban space in international contexts.

Paola Huijding is a Brazilian-Dutch architect and founder of the architecture and urban planning organization Volpi Urbane. She has worked and conducted research in Sao Paolo on transforming cities by using mixed use planning practices. Especially in the city centers these planning practices are used to keep the city a lively place to be for everyone.


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Na decennia van functiescheiding is het nu tijd voor mengen! De stad is de plek waar we wonen, werken, sporten, spelen, eten en winkelen. In de bloeiende stad waar ruimte schaars is en ambitie groot, vraagt dit om creatieve oplossingen. In het nieuwe stadsbeeld wordt meervoudig ruimtegebruik het nieuwe streven. Hoe kunnen verschillende functies naast elkaar bestaan in de ruimtelijke omgeving van de stad? Wat zijn nationale en internationale voorbeelden om je te laten inspireren? Welke functies kun je met elkaar combineren? In de reeks “Metromix” gaan we met ontwerpers, overheden, ontwikkelaars, academici, gebruikers en met elkaar in gesprek om te kijken naar de mogelijkheden van het mengen van functies in de stad.