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The hype has faded, the dust has settled – now is the moment to explore the implications of decentralized technologies. Value in the Blockchain Society asks fundamental questions on what society deems of importance. What impact can the roll-out of Blockchain services have on social institutions like marriage, friendship, law and government? For its second event of the series, Value in the Blockchain Society brings fresh voices from the Blockchain space and beyond, to collectively reflect on the directions of this technology at the intersection with value scales.


Mi You is a lecturer at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne and Aalto University, Helsinki. Her research and curatorial work spins between the ancient and futuristic. Taking the Silk Road and Eurasia as a figuration for nomadic subjectivities, decentralised networks and social forms, she has curated a number of festivals and exhibitions across Eurasia. Her interests in technology and futures inform her curation on projects exploring “actionable speculations” such as in the show “Sci-(no)-fiction” (2019), and her social engagements in the political NGO Common Action Forum.

Jaya Klara Brekke speaks, writes and does research on questions of authority, economics, control and power in decentralised technologies. She is an ESRC research fellow with Durham University, Geography department working on the political economies of cryptoeconomics, where she also completed a PhD titled “Disassembling the Trust Machine: Three cuts on the political matter of blockchain” in 2019. She is the author of the Satoshi hippocratic oath for blockchain developers and co-author of The White Paper (Ignota Books), a republishing and historical contextualisation of the Bitcoin whitepaper and a contributor to the MoneyLab Reader #2 and Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain. She is based in London and takes active part in European cultural, policy and industry debates on blockchain, data politics and the development of decentralised network technologies.


Francesco Degl’Innocenti is an architectural researcher, currently Editor at VOLUME magazine and curator of the next Sarajevo architecture festival DA. Together with fellow-Editor Leonardo Dellanoce he initiated “Architecture After the Internet”, a research investigating unexpected intersections of technology and design with publications, events, lectures and a web-platform. “Trust in the Blockchain Society” is a pivotal part of this research strand.

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