This programme is part of the event Europe’s Finest Hours. Please visit the main page to reserve your spot for this programme.

The hour-long event will center on the theme of multilingualism and its advantages. Rather than discussing the importance, utility, and official status of languages, the focus will be on exploring how languages coexist to foster diversity, nurturing a more open-minded European community.
How can multilingualism help build a more inclusive and interconnected European community? Can it be a real alternative to Euro-English? With our panel, we will explore the importance of multilingual consciousness from different perspectives – generational, professional and cultural.

About the speakers

Jacomine Nortier is an Associate Professor in the Linguistics department of the Dutch course. She teaches in the areas of multilingualism, language contact, sociolinguistics, language & gender, and the relationship between language and (ethnic) identity; both coursewise and at the level of thesis and internship supervision.

Emma Hartkamp currently works as an outreach officer in the field of multilingualism and translation/linguist at the European Commission Representation in the Netherlands. Before, she worked for the European Parliament, first as a translator and then as an advisor to the director for Translation. She started her career as a freelance conference interpreter in Paris, after having completed a master in conference interpreting at ISIT Paris and a master in Cultural Analysis and French literature at the University of Amsterdam.

Angeliki Tsoukaneli is a recent graduate and a young professional in the field of multilingualism. She holds an undergraduate Degree in Translation from the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of Ionian University in Greece, as well as a Master’s in Intercultural Communication from Utrecht University. During her studies and internships, she delved into topics related to cultural diversity, multilingualism, intersectionality, and global communication.

The moderator of this event is
Kirsten van den Hul
Director DutchCulture