During Uncovering Creatives we cover the stories of creative frontrunners. Led by our host Jennifer Muntslag we will talk an hour-long about makership, entrepreneurship, (creative) identity, and societal topics.

  • Iztok Klančar is a filmmaker, photographer, and teacher. He moves within the psychodrama genre and combines his images with atmospheric electronic music, such as music clips, visuals, and video installations. His work was showcased at Sonica Festival in Ljubljana (2019) and Porn Film Festival in Vienna (2020). In collaboration with Melkweg Expo, Iztok presents his latest project, the three-part short film Remembering the Nights in Safe Haven. his motivation was the sudden disappearance of nightlife as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many members of the queer community, clubs are the place to meet like-minded people, be free, and disappear into the collective buzz of the night where lust and passion prevail. Now that nightlife is closed, Iztok clearly sees the impact of loneliness and the lack of outlet on mental health. The three different parts of the short film will be launched online via Vimeo on November 13, 14 and 15 and can be viewed on his website until November 22!
  • Miguel Matias, better known as Belle Dommage, is a queer gender performer from Portugal living in Amsterdam. Originally an actor, with a BA in Theater and Performing Arts, also a dancer and an aerial acrobat. In drag, (s)he has found the perfect medium to convene the above plus her love for costume making. Belle Dommage is both gorgeous and grotesque, both prosaic and poetic, and incredibly on edge in her creative beauty and artistry which she prefers to paint in shades of darkness. Boundaries and taboos are for her a challenge, questioning the status quo a necessity and emotion her preferred way of expression.
This event is developed by
Dymphie Braun
Programmamaker Creatieve Industrie & Head of Programme Designing Cities for All
Programme seriesUncovering Creatives

Wie zijn de frontrunners die hun stempel drukken op de creatieve scene van Amsterdam en omstreken?