​​Few know them by name, most know their work: The London Police. Graffiti artists Chaz Barrisson and Bob Gibson settled in Amsterdam years ago, and since then their murals have popped up all over the world. Their cheerful works of art have been anchor points in the city for years and commentary on the great dark developments in the world. With their recognizable style, they have undeniably left their mark on the street art scene and graphic talents worldwide. And as always, these masters bring a Dutch Talent: visual artist Pieter “The Mossy Giant” van Tongeren. On his way to become a professional basketball player, this friendly giant has discovered his artistic roots in college in the US. On September 21, moderator Jeroen Junte will question these “big men” about their work and give them the stage to perform their silly but appealing creativeness.

This event can only be attended physically at our studio. The recordings will be made available later on and can be viewed via dezwijger.nl/terugkijken or via our YouTube channel.

The London Police
TLP are Chaz Barrisson who draws the iconic ‘LADS’ characters and Bob Gibson whose tight portrait and architectural illustrations help marry the two styles to create an endearing, exciting fantasy world.

Amsterdam mural with girl, Zeeburgerdijk, Amsterdam by The London Police

The London Police (TLP) started in 1998 when Chaz and Bob headed to Amsterdam to help rejuvenate the visually disappointing streets of Hollands capital. They were part of a small group of artists at the end of the last century that helped pioneer a new street art movement. After a few years of mixing traveling and making art in the street TLP began to receive Worldwide recognition for their contribution to the graffiti/street art movement. They were included in many of the books documenting the scene and invited for shows and live drawing performances all over the globe.

24 years on TLP have amassed more than 100 shows and events in over 35 countries and their street work continues to pop up everywhere they go. Since 2009 TLP has concentrated on more intense canvas work, on bigger solo shows and large-scale mural projects. The current duo has managed to form a partnership more cohesive than Han Solo and Chewbacca in Star Wars and are continuing to produce slick artwork that is tighter than a butlers cuff.

Never be scared, don’t be a hero and let the good times roll!!

This is the Mossy Giant.
The Mossy Giant (Pieter van Tongeren) is an actual Giant who lives in a small coastal city in the Netherlands. A daily routine of painting, drawing and design brings about the detailed artworks of the Giant. Man, Fungus, Beast, Machine, Plant & Planet and a happy balance between them is what he is after in his works and in the world

The almost neurotic fascination with detailed line-work and stories within stories are very prevalent in Mossy Giant’s work. He wants the onlooker to be captivated by the piece and have the spectator discover new elements within the work time and time again. His works are not for the easily distracted, he wants people to take the time to sit down and look at the lines and details and step into the worlds that are in front of them. Slow down and look at some art, while smoking a plant or two.

Beetle Flower by The Mossy Giant

The Recurring characters that play a major archetypal role within the art of Mossy Giant are the Bear and the Hippie always journeying together through the land and through their minds. Following the fungus and the plant kingdom to guide them during their epic trips. Power Flowers, Pot(s), Plants and Hippie vans are some of the other trusted pals of the Hippie and the Bear – Out there roaming the forests right now…

“If everybody could be like the hippie and the bear, this planet would be one happy habitat, respected, healthy and at peace!”

Through his art Mossy Giant hopes to play a small role in helping lift the stigmas surrounding forbidden plant medicines like Cannabis Sativa L. and the psychoactive fungi. Instead of locking them up Mossy Giant envisions a future where we put these powerful natural resources to work to benefit all of mankind. From food to shelter, medicine to munchies and clothing to canvas.

Dutch Masters
Dutch Masters is our talk show series in which we focus on the “masters” – the established names – from the Dutch creative industry and which we design together with them. Inspiration and professionalism are central to this program: How did you start? What are the highlights of your career for you and why? What makes you a successful creative entrepreneur? And where do you get your inspiration from? The only permanent part of the program is the Dutch Talent, a guest that we invite on behalf of the ‘master’; a young, talented maker with whom they have worked or whom they quietly admire from a distance.

This event is developed by
Folkert Lodewijks
Programme seriesDutch Masters

In Dutch Masters nodigen “meesters” – de gevestigde namen - uit die in gesprek gaan met één Dutch Talent, een gast die we namens de ‘master’ uitnodigen; een jonge, talentvolle maker waarmee ze hebben gewerkt of die ze van afstand stilletjes bewonderen.