In the Westernized art world there has been a major focus on the ‘visual’ and the ‘aural’. Fine arts, film, photography, sculpting and music have been pillars of art that received more attention and space than other art forms that engage in the other senses. In this livecast we will have a look at the role of bodily awareness and the bodily experience of art – in which all the senses are combined. Dance, of course, is an art form that relies heavily on bodily experiences, but we also want to investigate the body in the context of healing, trauma, interaction and social change. The line-up will consist of people working in different fields, varying from trauma therapy to art education and professional dancers.

About the speakers & moderator…


Fazle Shairmahomed(he/she/they/dem) creates decolonizing rituals, performance art, and dance. Their work is rooted in ancestral work and intersectional activism. Fazle was born and raised in a multicultural society in de Transvaal/Schilderswijk in Den Haag, in the Netherlands, they feel very hybrid, and identifies currently, but not exclusively, as Dutch, Surinamese-Hindustani/Indo-Caribbean, Muslim, Queer, non-binary, and as a person of color. He graduated in anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies/Arabic. In her everyday life they are interested in themes such as death, rebirth, ancestry, belonging, colonial histories, and healing. They are mostly informed and inspired by Muslim/Sufi traditions of Gnawa, Zar, the whirling Dervish; Japanese Butoh, Surinamese Winti culture, Hindu rituals, Caribbean Bubbling, Muslim funeral practices, Vogueing, and the Club.

Sherise Strang graduated as a professional dancer and choreographer in 2016 at ‘De Amsterdamse Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten’. She believes in the healing power of movement and started researching different techniques and tools. Sherise successfully completed multiple healing modality educations and found a way to combine movement and energy healing as a way to strengthen and free the body ( and soul). As a shamanic energy healer and mentor/coach, she guides people back to their essence and full potential. Together with her sister, she founded @movement.medicine; a company in which the sisters help people empower themselves again in 1:1 mentorships, healing sessions, and group journeys.

Kuda Nemane is a student of life. At a young age he came into contact with oriental martial arts and the philosophies associated with it. This in combination with the yoga method set him on a path of self-fulfillment. Meanwhile, he works as a wellness coach and shares tools with young and old for relaxation and self-realization.

Alona van Rosmalen (Moderator) is a Rotterdam-based artist who has a passion for creating momentum. Her work reflects her inner curiosity to understand how people and society work together, operate and relate to one another. As an Artist she immerses herself within the boundaries of context, role and the responsibilities that come with the role. Less driven to break physically out of her restriction, she instead finds ways to transcend while being bound and restricted.

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The Arts of Resistance is a project born from a vision to connect two worlds – those of the arts and those of social movements. Through the medium of the arts – music, film, poetry, dance and much more – we aim to build a vibrant community of artists and social movements that can strengthen each other and help propel the world towards a more just future.