When a participation project goes wrong, it can lead to friction. Governments, organizations and individual citizens can be heard complaining about “failed participation projects”. But what do they mean? Is there a more precise way to classify the norms for a “good” participation project?


In this episode of R-link Online Michiel Hulshof interviews researcher Menno van der Veen. For the University of Amsterdam, he developed a a framework of participation that consists of the participation-axis, four typical situations and 10 norms of participation. This framework sees participation projects in urban development as a type of social and relational contracting.

Based on this framework, he discusses two cases in Amsterdam, the K-Buurt and Marineterrein. Professor of Urban Planning Tuna Taşan-Kok (University of Amsterdam) joins in and shares her insights based on her expertise in urban planning and governance.

At the end of the programme, cartoonists Bas Köhler and Suus van den Akker will have a cartoon battle based on the discussion. After the programme, we organise an informal meet and greet between the visitors and the guests in a special online environment.

About R-LINK

R-LINK is a reseach project into bottum-up initiatives in urban development. It is a close co-operation between research institutes, companies and local governments.

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