This event is part of the workshop series Mud Break, in which we explore the relationship between the city and nature with visual artist Esra Sakir. Upcoming events take place on the 3rd and 11th of april. On 24 March from 13:00 – 17:00, you are invited to participate on the grounds of the Lutkemeerpolder to collect raw clay together. Iris Poels of Voedselpark Amsterdam and the ‘Red ons Groen‘-campaign will be there to provide information about the area. Read more about this event below and join by signing up via the blue button!

Location: Lutkemeerpolder (we will be gathering near Ecologische Boerderij De Boterbloem: Lutkemeerweg 262 B, 1067 TH Amsterdam).

This session can be multilingual-friendly: English, Dutch, Turkish & Italian!

The Future of Mud

Where is The Gold of Amsterdam? We have found it at Lutkemeerpolder, just at the borders of the city. We call it gold because it is warm and shiny, giving us the positivity we need to build together our collective future. This is a special type of gold that you can easily collect and work with, even grow something around.

Our earth, our city contains the raw clay just next door. You don’t need to travel to the secret areas of other countries to experience the richness of nature. We will be there to discover our terrain, to meet treasures of this geography, collect our own clay, try to understand its essence, and make it a part of our daily lives. It is a moment to share the knowledge about healthier food consumption and production, to remember our ancestors’ old recipes.

On 24 March at 13:00, you are invited to participate in the Lutkemeerpolder, to collect raw clay together, to work with the material, perhaps starting with filtering and kneading. Please bring some drinks and food to share with other wanderers and discoverers. The adventure will end at 17:00.

You can take away a piece of clay for your own experiments or join in the upcoming clay workshops at New Metropolis Nieuw-West (on the 3rd or 11th of april). More workshops by Esra at other venues in Amsterdam can be found on her personal website.