Architecture in its practice and outcome are layered in communicative possibilities and meaning making. It’s an elemental media that stimulates, interacts and relates in and between the spaces of different social systems and stakeholders. Completed buildings and environments often hold the privileged position as the final and tangible products which make known the architect’s contribution to society. Practices of architecture: sketching, rendering, photography, building however often go unnoticed outside the autonomy of an architectural system. The relationship between architecture, society and other stakeholders therefore lead to a communicative double life within discourses; on one hand buildings and environments communicate and intervene in communication systems outside the autonomy of architecture; on the other hand they become points of critical reference or examples within the discourse of architecture. In this symposium the team that are involved aim to unpack these architectural discourses, social systems, and value assignments.

This symposium is organised by the Media Architecture Biennale in collaboration with ARIAS. The Media Architecture Biennale is the world’s premier event on media architecture, urban interaction design, and urban informatics. This year, due to the ongoing global pandemic the Media Architecture Biennale 20 (MAB20) had to be adapted and re-imagined. Therefore, the MAB20 Program will take place online:

  • Workshops | June 24th – 29th | via Zoom
  • Online Conference | June 30th – July 2nd | via virtual conference platform

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