The world is in an extraordinary state at the moment. The measures against COVID-19 not only affects our day-to-day interaction but also has consequences for the way we consume international stories, news and images. Photographers, journalists, writers and filmmakers around the world are being restricted because of the pandemic. Every Wednesday at 16:00h (CET) three guests will give an insight in their work, their own communities and surroundings. How can we keep being informed and hold a broad perspective?

Ingeborg Beugel is a Dutch television program maker. Beugel was a correspondent in the Balkans, based in Athens; she was a reporter for the current affairs program Network and then a program maker at the IKON. She wrote the two six-part television series for the IKON “Believe sex and (despair) hope” (2006), and “Believe sex and (despair) hope II” (2008). She also made the series “Familietrots” (2004) about the Amsterdam family Tokkie. Her documentary “Dear Europe” about Guinean boys who froze to death in the wheel arches of an airplane like stowaways was awarded a Golden Gate Award. Beugel was the only journalist to contact Laetitia Delhez, victim of Marc Dutroux, about whom she made a report in 2001.

Geesje van Haren founded in 2005; a training and publication platform for investigative journalists. has a large network of media partners and extensive experience in training creative, investigative journalistic skills and journalistic entrepreneurship. Geesje is a maker of books, (photo) documentaries and written articles. She initiates and produces journalistic events and exchange programs, she is also editor in chief at Small Stream Media, director of the vocational school for investigative journalism Open Eyes and project coordinator at Lost in Europe and Het Brede Netwerk.

Meron Estefanos is an Eritrean journalist and human rights activist. She is a contributor to the leading Eritrean diaspora news site Asmarino and a presenter for Radio Erena (Tigrinya for “Our Eritrea”). Estefanos is the co-founder of the International Commission on Eritrean Refugees, an advocacy organization for the rights of Eritrean refugees, victims of trafficking, and victims of torture. She actively campaigns for freedom and democracy in her country, which has suffered under the dictatorship of Isaias Afwerki since 1993. She has been threatened and harassed for her work, especially her coverage of the case of Dawit Isaak, a Swedish-Eritrean journalist imprisoned without charge for more than ten years in Eritrea.

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