Is the Corona crisis just a final rehearsal before the climate crisis hits, or can we still turn the tide? We can if governments tell the truth, act now and let citizens decide on climate and ecological justice, activist group Extinction Rebellion claims. Edited by Eva Rovers, they published the essay bundle “Nu het nog kan” (While we still can) to which a host of authors (like Jan Terlouw, Kate Raworth and Bahah Tarawally) contributed. In this LIVECAST Eva Rovers will reflect on the lessons from the book and we’ll discuss the potential of climate citizens’ assemblies with David Van Reybrouck.

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Programme seriesWeMakeThe.City - Reset

The world is turned upside down, the streets are empty. Behind this seeming tranquillity, there is a storm raging through our values and structures. This gives us the space to think about a complete ‘reset’. How can we restructure existing dysfunctional systems? This summer, every Thursday at 20.30h we will showcase the perspectives of a variety of thought leaders who will reflect on this present-day situation. Through the lens of their own area of expertise and with an emphasis on the Creative Industry. The corona crisis is, without a doubt, a crisis that is leaving behind a trail of victims. But which transformations will we be left within the aftermath? During these times, it is the creatives who can visualise new scenarios and through hypothesising can develop new insights into our future.