Global energy consumption keeps on increasing. More renewable energy is required which increases pressure on land availability. But what if we start using our daily life objects such as tables, clothes and walls as solar energy producers. How could this affect the energy transition and how can we design this?

Only in one hour the sun provides enough energy to fulfill the worlds entire energy demand for one year. Despite this abundance of ‘free energy’ we barely use it. When people think about solar energy, very often they think of large solar parks on land or roofs. However, a whole new generation of designers is starting to integrate solar energy in to our daily lives. Very fine design makes the energy compound sometimes barely noticeable.

Together with solar designer Marjan van Aubel en guests such as designer Pauline van Dongen, we will explore the potential and possibilities of solar design in our daily lives. Marjan will launch here new solarlamp ‘Sunne’ on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. This is Marjan’s first product in here new line of integrated solar cells at home.



This event is developed by
Barbara Vos
Programmamaker De Duurzame Stad