As one of the strongest sea faring nations in history, the Netherlands has officially over 40, unofficially over 70, different nationalities of people living across the country today. As a major harbour city for centuries, Amsterdam will be celebrating the ebb and flow of peoples from all ends of the world for its official 750th anniversary. The celebration of multi-cultural languages, foods, festivals and parties are about to get into full swing.

On the Wikipedia page for Amsterdam you can find graphics from 2022, that show that almost 60% of the population has a non-Dutch and migrant background, the largest amount of that group being between the ages of 25-35. So, there are a lot us living here with dual or even tri-cultural backgrounds. Many once came here for economic, political or social harbour, to enjoy the license of Amsterdam, to continue struggles for rights in a safer port, or to resist the normalcy demanded by others. What does that mean in our daily lives, how do we express and identify ourselves? Does it affect the way we live overall? What stories do we tell ourselves about our layered backgrounds and lives here in this water-bound city?

About the programme

In our third edition on the theme “CREED”, the Fifth Friday Sisterhood would like to invite you for an informative, insightful, serious, and heartfelt, evening of tales of awe and wonder, some happy, some not so fun but necessary to share.

As the landscape of identity politics all around us is changing each and every day, come and enjoy some stories of revolution, resistance, and rights. Engage with us and perhaps even contribute to an evening of storytelling and music with the Fifth Friday Sisterhood creed. The Fifth Friday Sisterhood is committed to creating and sharing safe spaces, so please remember to mindful to all when you visit us. Our events are open to each and every kind of person.


Do you wish to tell your story?

If you wish to tell us your story and join the line up… You can! But you must sign up and do our free workshop which takes place in the between 17:00 – 18:30 in Pakhuis de Zwijger before the event. To join the line up please send us an email at [email protected]

The FFS try to provide a safe-space to all and everyone so please remember to be mindful while visiting us, see you there.

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