Curious to know what the island of Sint Maarten has to offer in the realm of Hiphop/Rap? On this night we witness as BIG DANO debuts his new project ‘Above All Self’ exclusively before it hits streaming platforms on the 28th June 2024. He is also giving all attendees an exclusive chance to own the project before anyone through a platform called EVEN, where you can buy the art directly from the artist and pay whatever you want!

About the artist…

On an everlasting journey of self-discovery, BIG DANO delivers his art with a focus on being as vulnerable as possible with each drop, coupled with ever changing flows and gems that’ll surely have you captivated. His movement MITC (Make It Timeless Collective) is an ecosystem of creatives with a focus on being of service to those in need. Join him and the movement to make everything you do timeless.

Take a deep dive into BIG DANO’s music

BIG DANO ft Amartey – Self Love (Prod. by JayMellow)

BIG DANO ft Amartey & MMorgan – Ohemaa

BIG DANO – Sunday Mawnin (Prod. by Dillygotitbumpin)

BIG DANO – Hustla Baby (Prod. by THATBOYSEVEN, Hittah)

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