There is enough money, but we are not using it right. A growing amount of global wealth (including pension savings and private investments) is currently being invested in stocks, financial derivatives and real estate via anonymous markets, the main motive being short-term returns. At the same time, Europe faces many urgent challenges for the coming post-Covid period. We don’t need a Great Reset, but a Great Reallocation. Change becomes concrete when and because resources are invested differently. The most pressing challenge is therefore: how can we ensure that productive investments (wealth, capital) are allocated to organizations and companies that can contribute to the common good (climate, inequality, innovation, infrastructure etc.)? And most importantly, who can and should take the lead: governments, business, financial institutions?

In the fall of 2021 Jan Peter Balkenende, the former prime minister of the Netherlands, will publish his encompassing study on the Future of the Market Economy in Europe. In this webinar, we invite two renowned European think-tanks to present their ideas on the state and future of financial capitalism in Europe, as input for the Balkenende report.

In September 2020 the French Institut Montaigne & Comité Médicis published the report “Responsible Capitalism, an opportunity for Europe” with concrete suggestions for lifting financial and regulatory obstacles that are in the way of a distinct European capitalism. Stanislas Pottier will present the high-lights of the report in this webinar.

The German Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) has taken the Covid-pandemic as an opportunity to research the European social market economy as an alternative to other modes of capitalism. In different publications, the KAS pleas for a return to European values in the financial economy. Martin Schebesta will present the ideas of the KAS on the financial infrastructure of Europe.

Met in dit programma onder anderen
Jan Peter Balkenende
Former Prime Minister of the Netherlands, senior advisor at EY
Stanislas Pottier
Senior advisor to the General Management of Amundi, author of the report “Responsible Capitalism, an opportunity for Europe”
Martin Schebesta
Policy Advisor on Social Market Economy at Konrad Adenauer Foundation
Nora Neuteboom
Senior economist at ABN AMRO
Bert Colijn
Senior Economist at ING


Keynote presentations by Stanislas Pottier (Amundi) & Martin Schebesta (KAS). Reactions from Nora Neuteboom (ABN AMRO) & Bert Colijn (ING)

Moderated by Jan Peter Balkenende.

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