Diving into the night culture scene, we realize that the high BPM (‘beats per minute’) experimentations in the music pulsating through the speakers, the repetitive play of lights on the ceiling, and the reimagined architectures serve merely as the backdrop to a universe that defines the essence of clubs. As the following description will show, the Nieuw-West clubs — and a slightly broader perimeter that encompasses Bar Dancing Multipla and ISO Amsterdam — stand as cultural venues that transcend functioning as mere dancefloors, evolving into music spaces, performance hubs, galleries, and informal creative sanctuaries where a multitude of experiences unfold.

Clubs, or club-like entities, can shape the identity of our neighborhood as an integral part of cultural and economic life. This helps to keep Amsterdam vibrant, inclusive, alive and liveable. Amsterdam’s interest in night culture over the years demonstrates the dynamism this city can have, significant cultural value is indicative of the country’s more progressive and sympathetic approach.

Naming means legitimising. Assigning a name to something not only solidifies its existence but also transforms it into something that can be communicated about. This constructive achievement plays a crucial role in safeguarding cultural spaces from displacement. When we give something a name, we not only acknowledge its presence but also have the power to reframe it, preventing it from being relegated to a generic category. The fundamental need to name the things of the world in which we live in allows us to identify, recognise, share their essence and significance, thereby establishing a solid groundwork for comprehension and fostering a deeper appreciation.

The narrative around clubs is always dark, there is always too much noise, they are too dangerous places, too much of everything. But what we really need to show are the facts, let’s name and list these clubs and describe them so we can get closer to them and better understand their purposes and programmes (not only at night)!

Bar Dancing Multipla
A dance restaurant where people can come around 17ish for an aperitivo snack and an affordable Italian dinner made for sharing and breaking the Dutch ‘gierigheid’ at 19:00. After dinner you can go for cocktails in the hidden speakeasy and go clubbing until 03:00 or 05:00. Bar Multipla — focus on personal growth, wellbeing, group cohesion, and an open mindset — is always open for talent or motivated people.

® Bar Dancing Multipla

© Bar Dancing Multipla

With its signature red look, Bret gives the gray Sloterdijk area a much-needed impulse. To make it a cozier place to be, they transformed the whole square into a lush green park. And in the middle of that park, BRET arises like a red heart pumping life into the gray office area it once was. BRET now serves as a meeting place for everyone who wants to dine, drink, dance, daydream, get inspired, and connect.



Club Atelier
A Night Club Restaurant, WorkSpace, Sports activities and Retail Kids. From wanting to host parties, hospitality, events and the need to be able to offer flexible work and sports everywhere, the multifunctional label Club Atelier in Amsterdam was born in 2015 with a big creative and design heart. Since then, Club Atelier has grown into a well-known eternally youthful place with its own clothing and accessory collection.

® Club Atelier

© Club Atelier

Club Raum
A nightclub and nightlife incubator specifically aimed at creating a safe and free environment for Amsterdam’s LGBTQ+ community. In addition, RAUM strives to set the highest standards in electronic music and pushes the boundaries of club culture.

® Club Raum

© Club Raum


® DeFik

© DeFik

de Sering
In essence, de Sering is an open space for everyone. Within the physical constraint of a capacity of 275 guests, they can accommodate most of the diverse cultural activities and events that are requested. By offering the space for free or at a very low price, they make it accessible as a starting point for new parties and emerging organisations that cannot afford large clubs. In addition to hosting events, de Sering brings the community and neighborhood together by sharing affordable food.

® de Sering

© de Sering

H7 Warehouse
H7 Warehouse is a unique place, a solid family of curious and proactive organisers. They are transparent, working with numerous entrepreneurs, using our collective experience, design and technical expertise to create meaningful and engaging content for all parties.

® H7 Warehouse

© H7 Warehouse


© SASSY J for Heat Amsterdam

© SASSY J for Heat Amsterdam

A collaborative working arena that combines a public programme with exhibitions, workshops, screenings, lectures, performances and music events. An ever-evolving stage for the (inter)national cultural community. Explore over thirty individual and shared ateliers; the intimate workspaces of a multitude of creative professionals operating within an expansive range of disciplines: industrial, product and furniture design, technology, architecture, painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography, performance, video, printmaking, graphic design, music, fashion and instrument-making.

® ISO Amsterdam

© ISO Amsterdam

An old GVB bus garage transformed into a club: LOFI was created with the aim of breathing new life into Amsterdam’s free-spirited night culture. From indoor warehouse raves to intimate community gatherings in their courtyard. LOFI is an industrial location that provides an indoor warehouse and an outdoor courtyard. These areas are suitable for concerts, events, film screenings, school, student- and (company) events and presentations.

® Lofi

© Lofi

A gathering of like-minded individuals looking for a place to dance, meet & play. They are based in Nieuw-West but the location is distributed via email only.




® Orphic

© Orphic

A club with a 24h license and by day, a Vegan Cafe. They regularly host cultural events in the Expo space and Cafe and they are a home base to festivals such as Fringe Festival, Front Row and Brainwash Night. Creativity runs through their veins, with their Club as the beating heart. Over the past 8 years, RADION has proven to be a place where this correlation between the club and cultural programme challenges and strengthens each other. RADION creates value for Night Culture with their 3 C’s: Club, Culture and Cafe. RADION is the place where local talent is embraced; a place to experiment – a combination that makes them the home base for Amsterdam’s Techno community.

Adam NowekSegui

© Adam NowekSegui

A green village where artists in studios and workshops not only work for themselves but also participate in the common. There is a strong tradition of mutual collaboration, but also a wide circle of related creative minds at home and abroad. As a result, Ruigoord is also a public facility with a very diverse programme offering.

® Ruigoord

© Ruigoord

More about the project

Night Culture Nieuw-West is a new collaborative experience between all the clubs located in the area of Nieuw-West. A series of round tables that we are holding to exchange ideas and experiences, to build a community of night in our neighbourhood. All the initiatives are a tribute to Night Culture. Please read more about the upcoming event, and sign up for free right here!