Inspiring Cities

On creative resilience in European cities in ongoing corona times: ways we can rethink systems and policies for a more social and sustainable future.
by John Towner on Unsplash

The resurgence of the coronavirus particularly across Europe makes clear that the pandemic will not pass soon. In addition European cities have to deal with other crises; crises concerning social inequality, unemployment, polarization and radicalization, the living conditions of asylum seekers and migrants in societies. Amidst all of this the cultural and creative sectors as well as cultural participation can be a driver of social impact in its own right, favouring resilience and innovation. Together with DutchCulture in this series we will search for different so called ‘city makers’, think f.e. of artists, designers and other storytellers. They can give us an insight into their daily works and explain how they commit to making a positive impact in their city in these ongoing corona times and support those who suffer the most. Who are these people and which roles can creatives take to have a social impact in their city?