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What can Europe learn from cities like Yangon?
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Wednesday 29 June 2016, 20.00
wo 29 jun 2016, 20.00
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Everyone knows that Rio de Janeiro and Shanghai are booming – but which cities will challenge them when it comes to creativity, economic growth, entrepreneurship and innovation? Where will it all happen in 2025 or 2040? In this edition of the series Future Cities: the artistic revival of Yangon (Myanmar).

Future City #2: Yangon

During the half-a-century Myanmar spent under military regime fine arts were supressed, with exhibitions requiring vetting by a censorship board. Yet behind closed doors artists continued to hone their craft, despite poverty, oppression, extreme censorship and little or no place to display their work. Since the demise of the military government, the world has the chance to get acquainted with the vibrant creative scene of Yangon, the city once known as the cosmopolitan heart of Asia.

Photographer Yvonne Brandwijk and journalist Stephanie Bakker travelled to booming Yangon. They spoke to artists, curators and cultural entrepreneurs. What are their lives like? How different is that from five years ago? How free do they feel? And what do they expect for the future? During this event they will share their stories, show photos and short documentaries.

In addition, various guest and experts will discuss their experiences and views on booming Yangon. The main question they wish to answer is: is Yangon on its way to becoming the cosmopolitan city it was before the military regime? The New York of Asia, attracting artists and intelligentsia from all over the world?

Constructive journalism

Narratives about megacities are often about doom and gloom scenarios – in this series Future Cities we choose to approach the city from one of it’s strengts. With Chris Buur, editor at the Volkskrant, we will talk about constructive journalism and the role of the media in the perception we have on emerging cities.

About Future Cities

Future Cities is a transmedia project about five exciting emerging urban areas: Kinshasa, Lima, Yangon, Medellin and Addis Ababa. It consists of a five part web documentary, a series of stories in de Volkskrant and live events at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

In het century of urbanisation Future Cities explores the next generation of cities. Many of the world’s best ideas are born in cities; places where people gather, where knowledge can be acquired easily and ideas shared. From this perspective, one might suspect that the best ideas and innovations in the coming century, will not come from London, Paris or New York, but from cities in Africa, Asia or Latin America where urbanization is taking place in a scale and a pace never before seen.

This event is in English
Wednesday 29 June 2016, 20.00
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