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Workshop: Engaging with News

Speed dating workshop for journalists & visual makers on re-imagining a new type of storytelling.
This event is in English
Tuesday 14 Mar 2017, 10.00
di 14 mrt 2017, 10.00

What is it that makes interdisciplinary collaborations successful? A common background, characteristic, personal preference, a shared subject of interest — Digital Privacy, Geopolitics, Refugee crisis, Black Mirror or Game of Thrones, a perfect timing, or just pure chemistry? In a transitional time where the influential power of news organisations is constantly being challenged and any individual has the ability to voice their stories, we would like to invite you to challenge the status quo. Are you a journalist looking for an exciting way to present stories? Or a social designer seeking to break out of your comfort zone? Come and join this workshop and meet the most eligible young professionals in The Netherlands.


Engaging with News is a one-day exclusive workshop for a select group of participants. By incorporating the format of a speed dating session, the program is focusing on the unique qualities of each individual. As a host, The Common Affairs will function as a ‘matchmaker’, who will facilitate and create an uncommon setup where a new form of cross-field collaboration can be formulated during the day. The goal of this session is to generate cross-disciplinary connections within a limited amount of time and to foster potential future collaborations.

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Practical info

  • The session will be supervised by Noortje van EekelenBelle Phromchanya and Wilbert van der Heijden (The Common Affairs)”.
  • Admission is free, please make a reservation to secure your spot. We have 35 spots available.
  • The workshop starts at 10:00 and is finished at 17:00.
  • Lunch is Bring Your Own, or you can have lunch in our café downstairs. Reserve a table right here.

About The Common Affairs

The Common Affairs is an international research platform for design and journalism that engages with fresh, modern and experimental ways of storytelling on contemporary issues. TCA investigates in which manner the artistic field is able to enrich the journalism sector and vice versa. The platform challenges experts from related fields and aims to create novel collaborations between journalism and design.

This event is in English
Tuesday 14 Mar 2017, 10.00
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