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Work and Network

What do newcomers need to build a new life with a meaningful network and job opportunities?
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Thursday 28 Apr 2016, 19.30
do 28 apr 2016, 19.30
IJ Zaal

Newcomers bring all kinds of talents, knowledge and skills to our country. How can we let refugees integrate as such so their potential is fully used? The benefits will be twofold; it will contribute to meaningful activities for refugees and serve our society.

The wish to build a new life is there, but what is often missing is a network. How can we help to provide a meaningful network which matches skills, talent and educational level with the needs of the local labor market? And how can companies and society contribute to facilitate jobs, working experience and meaningful networks?

We will talk about these questions with (former) refugees, scientists, employment agencies, and companies who are hiring refugees.


Introduction to the theme of the night -work and network- and a personal story of Moderators' Bahram Sedeghi own experience about arriving to The Netherlands and build up a (professional) network and a what road he took to end up where he is now.

Hack your Future - Gijs Cortens

Hack your Future set up a 6 month program for refugee to become a web-developer. They learn how to do coding, but also for example project management to become an undependent codeur

Leo Lucassen

Leo Lucassen has the opinion we should not panic because of the recent migration flow, because migration is of all times. But the question is, how and what can we learn from migration in the past if we talk about work en network?

Refugee Company - Jay Asad

Refugee Company connects refugees in the Netherlands to Dutch companies and supports them setting up their own business. Their tagline is; Don't waste you talents waiting! Refugee Company is having their own atelier at the Wibautstraat, where refugees can come by.

Taskforce refugees - Marijke Andeweg

Marijke Andeweg works for the municipality of Amsterdam for a long time and is now the director of the Taskforce Asylum seekers and refugees which is established in September 2015. What did the Taskforce established since that time?

Delite Labs - Christof Hawle

Delite Labs is a start up school and foundation which is established to tackle youth unemployment with entrepreneurship. They offer free and intensive programs for 7 weeks to establish your own company, as an alternative for the difficult labour market. They focus now on recent migrants in collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam under the name; Rebuild initiative.

A panel discussion

What has the audience to say about this? How can we help?

This event is in English
Thursday 28 Apr 2016, 19.30
IJ Zaal
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